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Reasons to Book a Guided Tour of Monument Valley

Groups and individuals are not required to hire a tour guide to explore Monument Valley. In fact, you could drive through the park on the Tribal Park Loop without ever getting out of your car. However, doing that would not give you the real picture of everything there is to see and experience.

We believe a guided tour is the best way to experience everything this wondrous landscape has to offer. By booking a guided tour with the experts at Monument Valley Safari, you will enjoy a richer, fuller trip. There are several beneficial reasons to schedule a tour with our friendly Navajo guides at Monument Valley Safari.

Experience Otherwise Inaccessible Areas

The 17-mile Tribal Park Loop is the only portion of Monument Valley you can access without taking a tour. If you want to see and do more in the area, a guided tour is the best way to go. The entirety of Monument Valley sprawls across 30,000 acres, so there is much more to this area than first meets the eye.

Some areas of Monument Valley are off-limits to the public. On a guided tour with Monument Valley Safari, however, we can grant you special access to these restricted areas you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise, including ancient petroglyphs and ruins.

Gain Historical Context

For centuries, Monument Valley remained a relatively obscure and seldom-visited region. The only people who knew about this hidden gem were member of the Navajo Nation who lived and worked on this land. However, that all changed in the 1930s, when film director John Ford made several Westerns in the valley. Seeing these movies significantly shifted public perceptions of the American West, and now many people’s mental image of this region is synonymous with the soaring arches and vast vistas of Monument Park.

However, this area of the United States has generations of history and cultural significance to the Navajo people. On your guided tour with Monument Valley Safari, your Navajo tour guides will share the traditions of our people and lore from our past. You will leave your tour with a much more comprehensive appreciation of the generations of indigenous peoples who have called this region their home and worked to build a life and legacy in this rugged landscape.

The Trip of a Lifetime Awaits You

If you are planning a visit to the Four Corners area, book your tour with Monument Valley Safari in advance and let our Navajo guides show you the true beauty of Monument Valley.

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