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Monument Valley Safari is Monument Valley’s premier off-road adventure company. Navajo-owned, our experienced guides show you the best features of Monument Valley throughout the year. We offer custom photography tours, family-friendly sightseeing tours, and private tours, and we also arrange unique cultural experiences for our customers. Every year, our team has the opportunity to show thousands of visitors the true beauty of Monument Valley and the Navajo culture. Start planning your trip today!

A TripAdvisor Top 5 Outdoor Activity in Monument Valley

Monument Valley Safari Monument Valley Guided Tour

Traveling with a native Navajo through Monument Valley was a wonderful experience! Our guide, Bobby, provided such enriching information and stories about the geology and history of the land and its people. We were able to travel off the beaten path to visit a hogan where we were treated to a weaving demonstration as well as more fabulous land formations. Highly recommend choosing this tour.

– Ldiane B. | TripAdvisor
Monument Valley Safari Monument Valley Sunset Tour

My sister and I wanted to see Monument Valley, but we didn't know what tour company to use. My sister chose Monument Safari Tours and I am so glad we went with them. Our Guide was Tony and he made our tour a really unforgettable experience. He was so knowledgeable and interesting. We went on the sunset tour and it was absolutely beautiful!

– Janet R. | TripAdvisor
Monument Valley Safari Hunt Mesa overnight

This was a fabulous experience to get to the Hunts Mesa. Excellent driver and guide. I went solo with the Navajo guide and got dropped off alone along the mesa while he went to prepare the camp and the food. He picked me up as planned just at sunset. Great food, great lodging (thick sleeping bag for the cold night).

– Nicole Z. | TripAdvisor
Monument Valley Safari Highlight of Vacation

We had an outstanding sunrise tour with Navajo guide Toney. He was extremely knowledgeable and took us to some outstanding locations in the Monument Valley backcountry. He even helped us take some creative photos. It was truly a magical experience that we will never forget! Worth every penny!

– Chris C. | TripAdvisor
Monument Valley Safari Mystery Valley Tour

Our tour was fab - in a 4x4 across the sand and over rocks - and then we got to climb up rocks. We saw amazing rocks so it was a great family tour that everyone enjoyed thoroughly. Would definitely recommend.

– Rachel B. | TripAdvisor

Who We Are

Our family’s roots run deep in Arizona’s Navajo Land. Across multiple generations, the owners of Monument Valley Safari have been exploring, learning about, and experiencing Northern Arizona’s natural landscape. Moreover, as members of the Native American Navajo tribe, our daily lives and cultures are greatly shaped by the environment around us. Over hundreds of years our folklore, traditions, art, and society have been influenced and molded by this land. For this reason, when you take a tour of Monument Valley with us, you’ll be experiencing much more than Arizona’s stunning beauty – you’ll learn about the history and life of the region’s native people throughout the ages from the mouths of those whose ancestors have inhabited this area since time immemorial.

What We Do

Across the generations, our family has come to know the Arizona landscape inside and out. At Monument Valley Safari, we put this in-depth knowledge to use to offer both tourists and locals the ability to experience the wonders of Northern Arizona from a rare vantage point. Our tours take you around the region, explaining the history and traditions that accompany the area’s natural wonder as you enjoy the fresh air and one-of-a-kind landscape. We work within the natural environment to maintain its health and beauty while offering visitors a peek into the world of ancient Native Americans.

What to Expect from Our Tours

We offer a variety of tours, each designed deliberately to accommodate an array of budgets, physical abilities, and preferences. Our scenic and cultural tours range from 2.5 to 6 hours, whereas photographers and campers can take advantage of longer spans which can be as short as 3.5 and as long as 20 hours. Below is a brief overview of the tours we offer so you, your family, and your friends can begin selecting the ideal safari to complete your Arizona experience.