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Monument Valley Safari is Monument Valley’s premier off-road adventure company. Navajo owned, our experienced guides will show you the best features of Monument Valley throughout the year. We offer custom photographic tours, family-friendly sightseeing tours, private tours, arrange unique cultural experiences for our customers and much more. Every year our team has the opportunity to show thousands of visitors the true beauty of Monument Valley and the Navajo culture. Start planning your trip today!

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Scenic & Cultural

Monument Valley

Visit the iconic location where several western movies were shot and the Anasazi have left a glimpse into their life many years ago. We offer 2.5 Hours & 3.5 Hour tours of Monument Valley.

Mystery Valley

Home to an abundance of ancient ruins, petroglyphs, and pictographs in addition to natural formations like canyons and sandstones, explore Mystery Valley on our 3.0 hour tour.

Combination Safaris

When you can’t decide on just one tour, take our Combination Safari that lets you see all of Monument Valley and Mystery Valley on a 6.0 hour scenic and cultural tour of the land.


Sunrise & Sunset Tours

Take beautiful photos of Monument Valley at sunrise with our 3.5 hour tour that allows you to capture the YeiBiChei & Totem Pole spires in the Backcountry. If you want to capture the essence of the land, schedule your tour today.

Astro Photography

Capture photos of the stunning night sky with our starlight and night sky tour. Starlight excursions are wonderful for the average stargazer and the avid astronomer.

Hunts Mesa

Take in the area in a new light by going on a 18.00 to 20.00 hour tour that allows you to experience both sunset and sunrise where you are provided with dinner and can go on short hikes to see natural formations and ancient ruins.


Special Events

Monument Valley is a great place to spend host your special event such as your wedding, anniversary, family vacation, birthday, or reunion. Contact our team to learn more.

Group Reservations

Our team at Monument Valley Safari is more than happy to accommodate large group reservations. Call our team of friendly associates to get your trip booked today.

Experience Native American Culture and Land as You Never Have Before

Who We Are

Our family’s roots run deep in Arizona’s Navajo Land. Across multiple generations, the owners of Monument Valley Safari have been exploring, learning about, and experiencing Northern Arizona’s natural landscape. Moreover, as members of the Native American Navajo tribe, our daily lives and cultures are greatly shaped by the environment around us. Over hundreds of years our folklore, traditions, art, and society have been influenced and molded by this land. For this reason, when you take a tour of Monument Valley with us, you’ll be experiencing much more than Arizona’s stunning beauty – you’ll learn about the history and life of the region’s native people throughout the ages from the mouths of those whose ancestors have inhabited this area since time immemorial.

What We Do

Across the generations, our family has come to know the Arizona landscape inside and out. At Monument Valley Safari, we put this in-depth knowledge to use to offer both tourists and locals the ability to experience the wonders of Northern Arizona from a rare vantage point. Our tours take you around the region, explaining the history and traditions that accompany the area’s natural wonder as you enjoy the fresh air and one-of-a-kind landscape. We work within the natural environment to maintain its health and beauty while offering visitors a peek into the world of ancient Native Americans.

What to Expect from Our Tours

We offer a variety of tours, each designed deliberately to accommodate an array of budgets, physical abilities, and preferences. Our scenic and cultural tours range from 2.5 to 6 hours, whereas photographers and campers can take advantage of longer spans which can be as short as 3.5 and as long as 20 hours. Below is a brief overview of the tours we offer so you, your family, and your friends can begin selecting the ideal safari to complete your Arizona experience.

Monument Valley

Iconic panoramas used in John Wayne western movies, red sandstone canyons hiding ancient ruins and dramatic rock monuments towering above the valley floor characterize Monument Valley. In Dine Bizaad, the Navajo language, Monument Valley is called Tse’Bii’Ndzisgaii, meaning, a special place where the light glitters on the rocks. Whether you are traveling as a couple, a photographer or with your family, Monument Valley has what you are looking for, from photogenic outlooks, to sand dunes for the children to climb or ancient ruins to admire.

Monument Valley 2.5 Hour Scenic & Cultural Tour

Time of Day: 8:00 AM; 9:00 AM; 12:00 PM; 2:00 PM; Sunset

$75 Adult | $50 Youth (9-17) | Children 8 & younger free

Visit John Ford’s Point, an iconic location used in several western movies. Then, travel into parts of the valley only accessible with a Navajo guide to discover ancient ruins abandoned by the Anasazi. Here, in the Backcountry you will see Monument Valley’s most beautiful arches. Optional on our tours in Monument Valley is a visit to the Yazzie’s family residence, a Navajo family that has been living in the valley for several generations. They welcome you into their traditional Navajo home and perform a rug weaving demonstration.

Monument Valley 3.5 Hour Scenic & Photographic Tour

Time of Day: Sunrise

$90 Adult | $60 Youth (9-17) | Children 8 & younger free

Sunrise in Monument Valley is best captured at the YeiBiChei & Totem Pole spires in the Backcountry. Your local guide will take you to the best place to capture this spectacular event. Afterwards, travel to arches and ruins, capturing them in optimal lighting conditions. On a sunrise tour, you will avoid crowds and hot summer temperatures, capture the best lighting and witness sunrise from the best spot in the valley.

Mystery Valley

This aptly-named region of Arizona is the home to winding canyons, giant arches, and ancient ruins. The Mystery Valley tour is perfect for those with an interest in Arizona history and Native American culture, as it provides the rare opportunity to learn about and admire first-hand the relics ancient civilizations left behind.

Hunts Mesa

Our Hunts Mesa tour is our most extreme off-road experience. Hunts Mesa is a destination for the adventurous. A favorite location for photographers, Hunts Mesa towers above Monument Valley offering incredible panoramic views of the valley below. Whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer, a couple or a family on vacation, everyone will enjoy this well-rounded experience.

Hunts Mesa 7.0 Hour (Sunset) Photographic Day Tour

Time of Day: Sunset

$275 Adult | $175 Youth (9-17) | Children 8 & younger free

Sunset from Hunts Mesa is unmatched. 360 degree solitary vistas abound. Capture all the best lighting and colors from the best place in Monument Valley. This tour truly is an off-the-beaten-path experience. You will likely be the one couple or family on this tour. It is rare to see another tour company while on Hunts Mesa as this tour is only offered by a select few companies.

Hunts Mesa 18-20 Hour (Sunset & Sunrise) Photographic Overnight-Campout Tour

Time of Day: Sunset

$375 Adult | $275 Youth (9-17) | Children 8 & younger free + Optional Meals Package $30 per person (not included in aforementioned tour rate)

Capture sunset, then, the following morning capture sunrise from another spectacular vantage point. Meals can be prepared by your guide over a cedar fire (dinner and breakfast). Short hikes into canyons to ancient ruins and majestic arches can be arranged. Whatever your interests, Hunts Mesa holds something for you. We provide all the necessary equipment for you to ensure your stay on Hunts Mesa is comfortable and relaxing.


Relax under a thick blanket of stars with one of our Starlight tours. Our guests are swept away from the lights and bustle of town to experience the night sky in a way few modern people still can. Unwind as thousands of stars twinkle overhead while we help you take note of the constellations in a setting out of a stargazer’s dream.

Full Moon

Once a month, Monument Valley is lit up by the soft glow of the full moon. On this night, the always-beautiful landscape becomes a picturesque and otherworldly dreamland, and we are proud to offer tourists the opportunity to experience the area in a unique and deeply memorable way.

Combination Safaris

Our Combination Safaris give you the opportunity to travel through multiple parts of this breathtaking region without the need for multiple tours. You’ll have the chance to explore Monument Valley, Mystery Valley, and Tear Drop Arch while benefiting from the experience of one of our knowledgeable Navajo tour guides.

Mystery Valley 3.0 Hour Scenic & Cultural Tour

Time of Day: 9:00 AM; 12:30 PM; Sunset

$85 Adult | $55 Youth | Children 8 & younger free

A labyrinth of canyons, alcoves and sandstone formations, Mystery Valley contains an abundance of ancient ruins, petroglyphs and pictographs left behind by the Anasazi. With your local guide, explore these mysterious sites all the meanwhile learning about the history of the ancient inhabitants.

Teardrop Arch 1.5-2.0 Hour Scenic & Cultural Tour

Time of Day: 9:00 AM

$60 Adult | $40 Youth (9-17) | Children 8 & younger free

Family-friendly, photographers destination, easy to moderate hiking involved to visit all sites, a great view of Monument Valley, a bird’s eye view of Monument Valley and the community of Monument Valley.

Astrophotography 3.0 Hour Tour

Time of Day: N/A

$100 Adult | $50 Youth (9-17) | Children 8 & younger free

Day Tour 6.0 Hour Monument Valley & Mystery Valley

Time of Day: Sunrise; 8:00 AM; 9:00 AM; 12:00 PM; Sunset

$160 Adult | $100 Youth (9-17) | Children 8 & younger free

Day Tour 6.0 Hour Mystery Valley & Monument Valley

Time of Day: 9:00 AM; 12:00 PM; Sunset

$160 Adult | $100 Youth (9-17) | Children 8 & younger free

To learn more about our tours and how we can help you experience Arizona as you never have before, contact us today.

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