18-Hour Hunts Mesa Tour

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Adult 18+
Youth 8-17
Child 0-7

Camp in Hunts Mesa and Capture Amazing Photos

If you truly want to immerse yourself in the beauty of Hunts Mesa Monument Valley, this overnight camping tour is perfect for you! Hunts Mesa is often referred to as the jewel of the Monument Valley, but accessing this remote destination makes for a rough but exciting off-road 4×4 experience over sand dunes and rocks.

Once you’ve arrived, the majesty of Hunts Mesa overwhelms you, and photo opportunities abound. Views overlook the entire Monument Valley, and there are plenty of amazing spots to set up your camera.

Recommended for amateur or professional photographers, this Monument Valley safari offers award-winning photo opportunities in a landscape unlike any in the world.

  • You will begin this safari five hours before sundown. The two-hour drive takes you to the scenic Hunts Mesa overlook.
  • At 6,795 feet above sea level, the safari camp overlooks the whole of Monument Valley!
  • You will arrive approximately three hours before the sun begins to set. During that time, your safari guide will familiarize you with the area including some of the best places to capture sunset photos. Get those cameras ready!
  • Visitors to Hunts Mesa take great pleasure in marveling at its unspoiled beauty; rich, colorful, dramatic and sheer cliffs, and magnificent panoramas.
  • On this safari, to take advantage of the mesa’s many opportunities, you must be willing to “rough it.”
  • While you take sunset photographs, your experienced guide will set up camp and make a cedar-wood fire.
  • Monument Valley Safari provides everything for your comfort, including clean sleeping bags, a large spring bar tent, reclining camping chairs, toiletries, and an optional meals package.
  • In the morning, you will have plenty of time to explore the area and take once-in-a-lifetime sunrise photos.
  • On our descent from the mesa, you will visit some of the area’s natural arches and Anasazi ruins tucked away in labyrinthine narrow canyons and alcoves. TripAdvisor awards our popular 18-Hour Hunts Mesa Safari its highest rating.