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18-Hour Hunts Mesa Overnight Tour

Quick Details

Adult 18+
Youth 8-17
Child 0-7

A Once In A Lifetime Experience

If you truly want to immerse yourself in the beauty of Monument Valley, this all inclusive overnight adventure tour to Hunts Mesa is perfect for you. 

Considered a hidden jewel of the South West, Hunts Mesa abounds with incredible photographic opportunities; from grand vistas and panoramas to unique vantage points of Monument Valley. On this exclusive tour, you will capture both sunset and sunrise from a unique place in Monument Valley. You will traverse back roads to visit majestic sandstone arches tucked away in labyrinth-like red rock canyons and explore ancient dwelling left behind by the Anasazi. 

We provide everything to ensure a comfortable stay on the mesa. Camp is set up for you. Meals are included. Dinner and breakfast is cooked over a cedar fire by your Navajo guide.

This tour is recommended for both amateur and professional photographers, couples and families. Your local guide will tailor the tour to your interests, whether you are looking for the perfect angel for your photo or a short hike with your family to an amazing sunset perch overlooking Monument Valley.