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Frequently Asked Questions

Daylight Savings Time on the Navajo Nation

The time and time changes in our area can be confusing because Monument Valley is in both Utah and Arizona. In fact, where we conduct our business (inside Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park) the state line cuts right through the Tribal Park. To better understand the time and time change in our area, one must know that we are a business on the Navajo Nation (Navajo Reservation). The Navajo Nation observes Daylight Savings, even where the Navajo Nation’s territory extends into the state of Arizona. Most of Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings. Therefore, if you are traveling from Phoenix, Page, or Flagstaff during Daylight Savings Time, you will want to account for the hour time difference between these places and Monument Valley. For example, if the time in Page is 8am the time in Monument Valley is 9am.

Horseback Riding Tours in Monument Valley

Monument Valley Safari does not provide horseback riding tours. We offer tours by vehicle only. Our tours stop at anywhere from 8 to 10 different locations in Monument Valley. At each site there are plenty of opportunities to explore, sightsee, take photos and engage with your guide. All our guides are local Navajos from Monument Valley or the surrounding communities.

If you are interested in a horseback riding tour there are several companies in Monument Valley that provide this service.

Monument Valley KOA Journey – (800) 562-3424
Sacred Monument Tours – (435) 727-3218

Monument Valley Safari Pickup & Drop Off Location

All of our tours meet in the lobby of the View Hotel. The View Hotel is the only hotel inside Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. The hotel is located next to the Visitors Center. These are the only two buildings inside the park.

We recommend using Google Maps when traveling and using navigation on the Navajo Nation (Navajo Reservation). Occasionally, GPS in rental cars have misled visitors as much as 10 miles in our area. Navajo Nation communities are small and often GPS information is out of date and inaccurate in our area.

If you have a reservation for one of our tours you are welcome to park in the large parking lot below the Visitors Center. If you are taking our Hunts Mesa Overnight Tour, you are more than welcome to leave your vehicle in the parking lot of the Visitors Center. There is 24 hour surveillance, security and rangers that patrol the Tribal Park. Your park pass is valid for up to three days and should be left on the dashboard of your vehicle if you are parking your vehicle overnight.