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7 Hour Hunts Mesa Tour

Quick Details

Adult Ages 18+
Youth Ages 17 - 9

A Hidden Gem of the American Southwest


Considered a hidden jewel of the South West, Hunts Mesa abounds with incredible photographic opportunities; from grand vistas and panoramas to unique vantage points of Monument Valley. On this exclusive tour, you will capture sunset from the best place in Monument Valley. Traverse back roads to visit majestic sandstone arches tucked away in labyrinth-like red rock canyons. Explore ancient dwelling left behind by the Anasazi. Hunts Mesa is recommended for anyone looking for an off-road adventure. A photographer’s favorite destination, Hunts Mesa is idea for couples and families on vacation.

Long before this captivating desert landscape came to be known as Monument Valley, its indigenous inhabitants referred to it as Tse’Bii’Nidzisgai. In the Navajo language, Diné Bizaad, this name translates to “the white streaks within the rock,” offering a poetic glimpse into the natural wonders that await you.

Today, if you were to ask local residents for their interpretation of this word, you might uncover several nuanced variations. To many, Tse’Bii’Nidzisgai evokes a profound perception of light. Twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, the sun casts an enchanting spell upon these sandstone monuments painting the landscape in a breathtaking palette of red and orange hues.

Embark on an unforgettable guided tour with us and delve into the heart of this extraordinary and pristine landscape. Our expert guides will lead you through the secrets of Tse’Bii’Nidzisgai, revealing its hidden stories and the cultural significance intertwined with Diné Biyakah (Navajo Land).