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Native American Hoop Dance

A Unique Cultural Experience!

Private Tour Up to 12 People | All Ages!

For centuries Native American Hoop Dancing has been a ceremonial and artistic form of storytelling performed by the First Nation People. Colorful hoops made of willow or reed are manipulated and interlocked to portray different elements including humans, animals, earth and the seasons. Lifelike animals can be depicted; from the lofty and majestic butterfly, to the slow moving and wise turtle, to the graceful and powerful eagle. Often, dancers weave together symbols like thunder, clouds, spheres and creatures to form a narrative choreographed to the rhythm of a traditional chant.

The hoop dance evolved into an important part of traditional healing ceremonies, as tribal healers and holy men have long regarded the hoop as sacred. The hoop became the universal Native American symbol of “the never-ending circle of life,” and some holy men and women even claimed to have seen visions and ailments seen through hoops used in the dances.

Arrange a private engagement and performance with a Native American Hoop Dancer in Monument Valley. Whether you are looking for a special performance to optimize your visit to our area or a unique photographic opportunity, we are happy to customize and arrange a special engagement and or performance for your family or group. We can host these events in several exclusive locations; from atop Hunts Mesa overlooking iconic panoramic views of Monument Valley, to the isolated desert valley floor near the Totem Pole Spires.