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3.5-Hour Monument Valley Tour

Quick Details

Adult 18+
Youth 8-17
Child 0-7

This Monument Valley Tour offers a Complete Cultural Experience

Do you want to spend even more time in the scenic Monument Valley? Cover more ground and fully immerse yourself in the culture and history of this incredible place as you embark on a guided tour with an expert Navajo local.

Together with your knowledgeable guide, travel into restricted parts of the valley only accessible on this tour. See ancient ruins, impressive sandstone arches, and massive monoliths, and see how these features have been shaped by time and erosion from weather events over the years.

Visit all of the famous monuments you’ve always wanted to see, like the Totem Pole spire, an impressive structure made up of the remains of a butte that have been severely eroded. Snap photos of the YeiBiChei spires, a group of rock formations arranged in a crescent shape to appear like a group of elegant dancers when viewed from afar.

Gaze at the magnificent Mitten Buttes, which look like two enormous mittens with their thumbs pointing inward if you see them from the south. We also visit the Three Sisters, a trio of sharp rock formations that pierce the blue sky.

Along the way, you’ll learn countless interesting facts and details about the history and culture of the valley. There is also some time to relax while your guide serenades you with the Native American flute or sings a ceremonial song.

You don’t want to miss this incredible backcountry adventure through the Monument Valley. Book online today!