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Why Monument Valley Safari Gives the Best Guided Tours in Arizona

Monument valley at night

For nature enthusiasts and American history buffs alike, few places can beat the untouched beauty of the Southwest – and one of the most immersive ways to connect with the region is participating in a guided tour. There are multiple tour companies in Northern Arizona, but Monument Valley Safari has the singular ability to take our visitors through the rarely-seen lands and the seldom-heard history of the region. Here are a few reasons our satisfied guests have made Monument Valley Safari their Arizona guided tour company of choice.

Native American Guides
Our tours offer you the unique ability to gain insight into the region from the perspective of someone whose ancestors have inhabited it for generations. Our Navajo tour guides will do more than highlight the beauty of the desert – they will give you a glimpse into its history and into the lives of both the ancient and modern Native Americans who live in the region.

Access to Restricted Areas
Some part of Monument Valley are off limits to most tourists, but Monument Valley Safari is able to grant our visitors special access to areas that are restricted for most of the population. You’ll walk on or ride through lands that few have laid eyes on, explore ancient dwellings, and see artifacts and centuries-old art giving you a unique and in-depth perspective that is unmatched.

We Keep the Comfort of Our Guests in Mind
Everything we do at Monument Valley Safari is specially designed with the safety and comfort of our guests in mind. From our hours-long tours either in vehicles or on-foot to our overnight camping excursions, we make sure you and your family or friends have all of your needs met from when you begin your tour and throughout the entire excursion. We provide sleeping bags, mats, and ensure you have plenty of food and water so you can enjoy your tour in comfort.

To book a tour with Monument Valley Safari, call one of our friendly staffers today. We would be happy to discuss all available tour options with you and assist you in planning your perfect Northern Arizona vacation.

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