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Mystery Valley Tours in Arizona

Red rock at sunrise

The ancient indigenous ruins of Mystery Valley offer a picturesque view of petroglyphs and geological foundations scattered with artifacts. You’ll be able to experience Native American history firsthand, exploring ancient natural structures, taking in the beauty of the landscape, and examining the things the previous centuries’ inhabitants left behind. A guided tour of the area will introduce you to a land that was once believed to be entirely underwater. Centuries of slow erosion by the currents and wind have created astonishing formations that could only be crafted by the hands of nature.

Mystery Valley was once home to the Ancestral Puebloan people, and when they left the region, the Navajo tribe moved into the area. The Navajo inhabit the land even today, and Navajo guides give access to the land for scenic tours. The Navajo culture is ingrained in the land, so tours include stories of how the tribe views the world and their way of life.

The tours of Mystery Valley are especially beautiful as the sun is setting and views of Monument Valley are highlighted with beams of red and gold. The strange rock formations, desert plants, and the illusion of the pieces of land abandoned by the Pueblos give the region its namesake. The petroglyphs tell the story of a people who called the valley home and centuries later, their presence is still known.

To experience this rich and unique piece of American history in-person, call Monument Valley Safari today. Our Navajo tour guides will take you into portions of the desert few have gotten to witness, providing insight into the natural formations and history of the region along the way. We offer a wide range of touring options to accommodate every vacation style and budget, so don’t miss your opportunity to explore Northern Arizona as few have before.

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