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Top Five Attractions of Monument Valley, AZ

Monument valley panorama

When many people think of Northern Arizona, they picture the pine-covered peaks surrounding Flagstaff, the red rocks of Sedona, or the majesty of the Grand Canyon. But, if you travel just a bit further north, you’ll discover one of Arizona’s hidden treasures: Monument Valley. This region is characterized by dramatic spires jutting out of the sprawling desert landscape and ancient Native American artifacts. Here are just some of the things that can help you build your perfect Northern Arizona vacation in Monument Valley.

Sightseeing Tours
One of the best ways to experience Monument Valley is to get out into nature. That’s why so many visitors choose to partake in one of the area’s many sightseeing tours. Monument Valley Safari offers multiple tours to suit every budget and vacation style, so you and your family or friends can view the dramatic beauty of the region from completely unique vantage points.

Navajo Tribal Park
If you’re visiting Monument Valley, you won’t want to miss the majesty of the Navajo Tribal Park. With rock formations carved by nature over the past 50 million years, this largely untouched area is the perfect destination for history and nature enthusiasts alike. You can also experience traditional Navajo food, crafts, and activities in the area and get a glimpse into the lives of the region’s ancestral inhabitants.

Local Museums
Those interested in Native American history will find no shortage of resources in Monument Valley. By visiting one of the area’s multiple museums which showcase Navajo and Puebloan artifacts and tools, you can learn how the nation’s earliest inhabitants lived and take a look into their ancient societies.

Photography Tours
The jutting spires, towering mesas, and sprawling landscape of Monument Valley make it the perfect place for amateur and professional photographers alike to capture breathtaking shots. Visit during the monsoons to capture the majesty of a desert storm, or take a tour at night to capture the thousands of glittering stars.

Overnight Camp Outs
Outdoor enthusiasts will love overnight camping in Monument Valley. Whether you decide to partake in a tour, like those offered by Monument Valley Safari, or camp on your own the experience of sleeping in this seldom-traveled yet storied land is second to none.

If you’d like to discover the wonders of Monument Valley for yourself, call Monument Valley Safari today. We are located in Northern Arizona near the Utah border, less than three hours north of the Grand Canyon and just over three hours from Flagstaff, AZ.

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