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What to Expect from an Overnight Tour

Monument valley with stars

Many people who plan to visit Monument Valley dream of doing so during the daytime, when the sunlight paints the towering rock formations in bright colors and casts dramatic shadows across the desert landscape. However, at Monument Valley Safari, we offer nighttime tours that can be equally memorable, if not more so, than visiting this historic landmark during the day.

Here are our favorite reasons to book an overnight tour of Monument Valley with our experienced tour guides.

Unparalleled Stargazing
If you’re like most people, you can’t see very many stars in the area where you live due to light pollution. Street lamps and lights pouring out of buildings may be warm and welcoming at night, but they also block our view of all but the brightest stars and planets, even under clear skies. However, in Monument Valley, there are few electric lights from nearby homes and businesses to obstruct the stars from shining their brightest.

When camping under the stars, you’ll get to gaze up at the same incredible, unimpeded view of the night sky that the earliest Anasazi and Navajo residents of the Monument Valley area experienced. If you’re not already an avid astronomer, make sure to buy a star guide before your trip so you can enjoy identifying stars and constellations as the vast Milky Way spreads out like a glittering carpet above your head.

Experience a Full Moon Like Never Before
A full moon is always a beautiful sight to see, but it’s even more dramatic in Monument Valley. As the moon rises, it bathes the rugged sandstone rock formations in a silvery light, setting the stage for some of the most incredible photos you’ll love to share with all your friends and online followers. You’ll also love how the full moon creates an interplay between light and shadow across the valley. You’ve never seen the moon quite like this!

Book Your Unforgettable Monument Valley Tour Today
Monument Valley Safari is proud to be the leading tour company for Monument Valley. This land is part of the Navajo Reservation, and we are a Navajo Nation-owned business. If you’re ready to plan a desert getaway you’ll remember for a lifetime, contact us to arrange one of our nighttime or daytime tours.

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