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The Historic/Archaeological Sites of Monument Valley

Native American pottery and tools

The Navajo Nation’s Monument Valley is an awe-inspiring destination with a rich history. If you have always found archaeology and geology fascinating, Monument Valley – which straddles the Utah-Arizona border – should be a must-do addition to your list of vacation getaway ideas. Here are our top picks for can’t-miss historical and archeological sites in Monument Valley.

Goulding’s Lodge
When you arrive in Monument Valley, your first stop should be Goulding’s Lodge, which is home to the Goulding Film and Cultural History Museum. It sets the stage for your time in the valley by serving as an introductory educational resource for what you’ll see and experience during your tour.

John Ford’s Point
To get the most breathtaking views and enviable photos of Monument Valley, head to John Ford’s Point, which is named in honor of movie director John Ford. Ford, who made the landscape of Monument Valley famous by using it as the backdrop of several of his Westerns, called the valley “the most complete, beautiful and peaceful place on earth.”

Mystery Valley
If you get a thrill out of visiting destinations that have remained virtually untouched and unseen for years, you won’t want to miss Mystery Valley! Mystery Valley was home to the Anasazi, a cliff-dwelling Native American culture who abruptly abandoned the region around the late 12th century – but not before leaving behind some incredible ruins and artwork carved into the rock. Landmarks in Mystery Valley include Skull Arch, Honeymoon Arch, Square House Ruins, Baby House Ruins, Lone Pine Arch and House of Many Hands Ruins, among others.

The Mittens
The earliest members of the Navajo Tribe to live in Monument Valley named it Tsé Bii Ndzisgaii, which translates to “Clearing Among the Rock.” Their culture regarded the valley as a colossal Hogan, or lodge, and considered the two towering buttes that we now call the Mittens to be the hands of a god.

Book an Unforgettable Tour with Monument Valley Safari
When you want to explore the dramatic rock formations and ancient ruins of Monument Valley, count on our experienced Navajo guides to provide you with the best tour experience. We will take you into the heart of our pristine land and give you a glimpse into what makes this part of the country so distinctive.

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