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Why Monument Valley Should Be Part of Your Northern Arizona Vacation

Monument Valley Safari

Spread across Southeast Utah and Arizona northern border — near the Four Corners region — lie the magnificent sandstone buttes of Monument Valley. Made famous as a shooting location for various Westerns since the 1930s, Monument Valley is part of the Navajo Nation and home to the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park.

Monument Valley is an iconic landmark that has become synonymous with what many people picture when they think of the American West. Its spectacularly rugged scenery makes Monument Valley captivating year-round. Millions of years of wind and weather have sculpted dramatic, otherworldly sandstone formations with whimsical names like East and West Mittens, Elephant Butte, Totem Pole, and Rain God Mesa.

What Makes Monument Valley Unique?
If you’re planning a getaway to Northern Arizona to experience everything this region has to offer, make sure to include Monument Valley in your travel itinerary.

For example, a visit to Monument Valley is essential for anyone who enjoys learning more about history, geology, and Native American civilizations. The valley is home to some of the oldest ruins and art archaeologists have ever discovered from the mysterious Anasazi tribe. In addition, some of our tours include the option to experience a traditional Navajo home, accompanied by one of our experienced and friendly Navajo tour guides who will pass on cultural lore and traditions to help you gain a greater appreciation of the experience.

Movie buffs should make sure to take in the sweeping, panoramic views of Monument Valley from John Ford’s Point, named for film director John Ford, who made the valley a setting for several of his Western movies, including Stagecoach. Because of the area’s long history as a cinematic setting, you can expect to get dramatic photos from this vantage point, as well.

Monument Valley is also a must-do “bucket list” item for anyone who enjoys hiking and being active while surrounded by virtually untouched natural beauty. Whether you desire an easier hike or one that is more physically challenging, we have options for all levels of hiking experience.

Experience the Best Monument Valley Has to Offer
At Monument Valley Safari, we believe no trip to Northern Arizona is complete without a tour of this beautiful desert treasure. We are here to help you get the most out of your experience with a host of daytime and nighttime safari excursions. Book your tour with us today!

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