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Monument Valley Guided Tours

Redrocks at sunset

Despite its name, Monument Valley is not what you may expect. The landscape is vast, flat, and uninhabited with red mesas and buttes jutting up on many sides from the dramatic landscape. Sandstone layers stretch hundreds of feet toward the sky, giving a glimpse of the type of nature that surrounded the valley long before it was touched by human hands.

As you tour Monument Valley, you’ll take in some of the most notable and historic landmarks in the nation, including Elephant Butte, Big Chief Monument, and Sleeping Dragon Rock. Don’t miss a chance to capture some breathtaking photos of Three Sisters spires at John Ford’s Point. Take in the Sun’s Eye arch, the valley’s second largest arch and walk inside Monument Valley’s largest amphitheater: the Big Hogan.

The entire area lies within the Navajo Reservation, which backs up to the Utah border. The monuments that you’ll see are centrally located near Goulding, where you’ll find parks, lodges, and other visitor services. Monument Valley is the epitome of the Southwest. When you see Western movies with long roads that stretch out for miles surrounded by rocky, flat desert and the sculpture-like rock formations in the distance, chances are you may have seen a glimpse of Northern Arizona’s Monument Valley.

To experience this seldom-explored part of Northern Arizona first hand, reach out to Monument Valley Safari today. Our Navajo tour guides will take you through the valley, noting the most important and majestic features of this enchanting region. Our guides and their families have lived in the region for generations, giving them the unique ability to expose you to a side of Monument Valley most will never see. Call us to discuss the various tour options, and how we can help you and your family have a once in a lifetime Arizona vacation.

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