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Teardrop Arch Tours near Utah and Arizona

Red rock archway

Visit Teardrop Arch near Goulding’s Lodge just west of Interstate 163 to experience Arizona and Utah in a totally new way. When you tour the region with Monument Valley Safari, we will take you through Horseshoe Canyon where you’ll see Pearl Drop Ruins and experience the majestic Teardrop Arch. This beautifully sculpted formation is found on one of the last portions of rarely-traveled sandy roads that wind through the area. Teardrop is a short distance outside the Tribal Park, and it is situated on a scenic lookout where you can see the Mittens and other major monuments.

Get up close and personal with the sandy terrain as you walk from the tour vehicle to the rocky outcropping of Teardrop Arch. You’ll see the buttes and mesas of Monument Valley in the distance and the unusual position of the massive stones creates the perfect spot to capture one-of-a-kind photos of this ancient structure and the dramatic landscape surrounding it.

Teardrop Arch is surrounded by sandstone creations and caves once inhabited by the Anasazi people. This unique experience is off the beaten path and a rare look at one of the Northern Arizona and Utah areas’ rarely seen historic landmarks. This tour is much different than the popular Lower Monument Valley, taking you to an isolated area of seldom explored land. Enjoy the unique perspective of Monument Valley Safari guides and venture into different areas for an unforgettable hiking experience.

Our Navajo tour guides offer you the wisdom and regional knowledge that comes from generations of inhabiting the Teardrop Arch area. We will take you through the parts of the Teardrop Arch area that most tourists fail to see, giving you a view of the desert that is truly unique. Call us today to learn more about our tour options, and to speak with one of our knowledgeable staffers about the Teardrop Arch and Northern Arizona’s other attractions.

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