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Lower Monument Valley

Redrock Arch

A Lower Monument Valley Tour will take you through the rocky terrain of the windswept landscape. You’ll be surrounded by the iconic Arizona arches, buttes, and spires that you’ll want to capture in photos. The awe-inspiring natural setting is enhanced by the vivid stories and history described by the Navajo people who will act ask your tour guides throughout the valley.

Experience the Totem Pole and venture past other towering rock formations and mesas normally missed on the Valley Drive. Although the land and rock sculptures have been created over the course of centuries, the Lower Monument Valley land looks untouched and still holds the mystique the desert has possessed for centuries. You’ll venture through the restricted area, a zone that has been protected carefully by the tribe for decades, and have the chance to visit the world’s largest Elephant Butte and the Three Sisters spires at John Ford’s Point.

Hike the sandy area near Ear of the Wind Arch and step inside the majestic Big Hogan. Navigate into the region’s side-box canyons where you’ll view breathtaking arches and windows. A descriptive narrative of the area’s history, rock formations, and geography accompany the views so you understand the area’s rich past and why the Navajo is so protective of its future.

Lower Monument Valley veers off of Valley Drive, taking you deep into uncharted areas where some of nature’s most magnificent rock formations were created. When you take a tour with Monument Valley Safari, you’re getting the rare opportunity to experience Northern Arizona in a way few others have been able. You’ll learn the in-depth history of the region, and traverse lands untouched by development. For more information on tours and to book your trip, call us today. One of our knowledgeable team members would be happy to give you an overview of the region and explain the various ways we can show you some of Arizona’s best-kept secrets.

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