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2.5-Hour Monument Valley Tour

Quick Details

Adult 18+
Youth 8-17
Child 0-7

Visit Exclusive Locations on a Monument Valley Tour

See Monument Valley with a local expert Navajo guide who can fill you in on the secrets of the area and answer any questions you might have about Monument Valley and Navajo tradition.

This tour covers restricted parts of the valley, from sandstone arches to famous monuments like the Three Sisters, a sharp trio of rock formations, and the Totem Pole spire, the highly eroded remains of a butte.

We also drive past the Mitten Buttes, which when viewed from the south look like two huge mittens with their thumbs pointing inward, and the YeiBiChei spires, organized in a crescent shape and appearing like a group of dancers when viewed from afar.

You won’t be able to take your eyes off these incredible natural structures, each unique and impressive in their own rights. Did you know that many of these formations served as the backdrop for John Wayne’s old western movies? See if you recognize any of the sites from your favorite movies.

Get up close to ancient ruins and the most iconic monoliths. Learn about the history and culture of the valley. Relax while your guide plays the Native American flute or sings a ceremonial song. Immerse yourself in Navajo culture and the history of the valley from start to finish.

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