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Why Monument Valley is the Perfect Spring Break Destination


Monument Valley is one of the most famous and scenic destinations in the Southwest. Breathtaking scenery and adventure are two unforgettable features of Monument Valley. With Spring Break just around the corner, booking a tour will transport you to the Land of Dreams. Listed are the destinations that make Monument Valley the ideal spring break destination.

Monument Valley: The Name Says it All

Few world-renowned destinations have a name that describes their wonder, mystery, and intrigue. Monument Valley contains a momentous collection of distinctive sights and enriching cultural landmarks. Whether visitors wish to explore the culture of American Indian tribes or unique photography options, Monument Valley is a definitive Southwestern destination. A local guide highlights the histories and premier sight-seeing vistas along the valley. Although there is much to see and experience in Monument Valley, the journey is personally tailored to the interests of visitors.

A Striking Cultural Experience in Mystery Valley

This journey into the heart of ancient Native American culture truly captures the spirit of Monument Valley. The journey extends for twenty-nine miles and highlights dynamic archways and ruins. Anasazi ruins spread throughout the breathtaking canyons—and distinctive petroglyphs and pictographs preserve the mystery and intrigue of ancient culture. Navajo guides compliment the authentic cultural experience of Mystery Valley. Very few Spring Break destinations offer both adventure and a life-changing glimpse into Native American culture.

Combination Safaris: An All-Inclusive View of Monument Valley

Planning a Spring Break vacation can spark indecisiveness and hard decisions. Luckily Monument Valley Safaris grants visitors a variety of sight-seeing choices with the combination package. Traversing Mystery Valley or exploring Hunts Mesa can both be tackled. This package ensures all sightseeing, photography, and cultural studies objectives are fulfilled. The trip is nicely balanced between three hours at Mystery Valley and three hours at Lower Monument valley. Spring Break should ideally be a season for adventure not limited by choice!

Spring Break and a visit to Monument Valley can be right around the corner! This Navajo sponsored experience has certificates of excellence for eight consecutive years—and the life-enriching journey speaks to this prestige. Schedule your trip today by contacting Monument Valley Safari.

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