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Make Monument Valley Your Summer 2019 Vacation Destination

Monument Valley Panorama

Do you have your summer vacation plans set in stone? If not, then you need to give some serious thought to visiting the gorgeous Monument Valley this summer. The area is rich with Native American history, diverse in the cultures that created it, and beyond breathtaking. In order to set up a summer vacation you are sure to never forget, look at what a trip to Monument Valley could entail.

Become One with the Natural Landscape of Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a unique part of the desert. It has spires and arches that create a totally unique experience for each person who comes across it. The landscape is constantly changing, as the winds blow through the area and continue to carve out the rocks. During your tour, you can see just how the rocks have been shaped over the course of centuries, all by the hand of Mother Nature.

Channel Your Inner Photographer with Spectacular Views

If you were never a photographer prior to your visit to Monument Valley, you will want to be during your tour. You can describe the breathtaking views you saw, or you can show your friends and family some of the pictures of the area you visited. Keep the memories alive by remembering to bring your camera with you during your stay!

Choose the Tour That Best Meets Your Travel Plans

We offer several types of tours for you to choose from. You can go during the day and just take in each outstanding view while we educate you on the area. However, if you prefer more depth in your visit, we can also take you out at sunrise or sunset. The views during these times of the day are even more awe-inspiring, and sure to leave you reliving them for many years to come.

There is something to be said about connecting and communing with nature on such a deep level. It stirs the soul and inspires the mind. If you want to see what all the talk is about, then call us today here at Monument Valley Safari to set up your visit. We welcome visitors of all ages on our tours, and expect each person who goes on these tours, to come back with a new appreciation for the desert.

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