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Why Monument Valley is One of the Best Spots in Arizona

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Why Monument Valley is One of the Best Spots in Arizona

Arizona is often referred to as that place with lots of cactus and hot weather, but the state offers
so much more. Close to the Colorado/Arizona border is a beautiful place full of history and
culture. Monument Valley has an elevation of 5,000 to 6,000 feet above sea level. Many movie
directors have chosen this area as backdrops for their films. Some of these include:
Stagecoach, My Darling Clementine, Fort Apache, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, Once Upon a
Time in the West and the Lone Ranger.

Deep History in Northern Arizona

In 1848 the area was annexed from Mexico after the Mexican American War. Although it is a
very dry and sparsely populated area, the Monument Valley is treasured by the Navajo Nation.
Their name for the area is Tsé Bii Ndzisgaii, or sacred place of beauty and light. After much
dispute, the land finally became the permanent property of the indigenous people of the area. In
fact, it was Hollywood that helped to bring attention to the area and value its beauty and

Desert Beauty

For some, nature in the Southwest can be described as rustic and harsh. To the Navajo people, it is the
place of sacred survival and loveliness. The long-ago people and their history in Monument Valley offer
much to visitors to this area. Curious seekers can experience all that this region has to offer by hiking,
photography and camping.

Northern Arizona, a different kind of desert

Unlike the lower altitudes of the metropolitan areas of Arizona, the Monument Valley offers a different
view and perspective. It has a special charm all its own. Both children and adults can find something to
enjoy. Taking in the many aspects of this area provides an insight into both the people and their land.
Appreciating the beauty of this hidden treasure is something that should not be missed.
Monument Valley has a long and fascinating history. You deserve to learn about what has been behind
the scenes of many a motion picture. Come learn about and enjoy this amazing part of Arizona!

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