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Planning Your 2019 Vacation With Monument Valley Safari

Monument Valley

Planning Your 2019 Vacation With Monument Valley Safari

If you’ve never experienced the desert landscape before, you may picture it as arid or even inhospitable. But take it from those who have called this area home for generations: The desert can be a fascinating place to visit.

When you visit Monument Valley, you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to find exciting things to see and do, such as hiking through ancient Native American ruins in search of petroglyphs, and magnificent stargazing and nature photography. Monument Valley Safari can help make your next getaway unforgettable, so let us help you get a head start on making your 2019 vacation plans.

Here are three reasons to book a desert vacation in 2019:

1. Shake Things Up

Why take the same trip every year? If your yearly family vacation always includes things like spending a week at a beach or a theme park, exploring the desert can be an excellent change of pace. Or, if you typically go camping at a campground or in the woods, camping in a desert will be a markedly different experience for you to enjoy.

2. Experience a Different Way of Life

The Monument Valley region sits within the Navajo tribal lands, and our people have lived here for hundreds of years. On a guided tour with Monument Valley Safari, you can learn firsthand about our culture and lifestyle from one of our Navajo tour guides, including choosing to visit a typical Navajo home and enjoying a customary performance such as a tribal chant or a Native American flute.

3. Look to the Skies

Even when it’s clear out, the night sky above most cities is relatively unremarkable, aside from our moon and a few of the very closest and brightest stars and planets. If you’ve never seen what the stars looked like before the advent of electric light, the contrast between the nighttime where you live and the night time in Monument Valley will be truly breathtaking. Some people plan their entire trip around this unspoiled view, and with good reason — it’s an awe-inspiring look at our celestial neighborhood.

Plan Your Trip Today

Unique experiences like travel expand our horizons and help us form a lifetime of memories. Contact Monument Valley Safari today to reserve a tour and start getting excited about your 2019 vacation plans.

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