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4 Benefits of Booking a Tour with Monument Valley Safari


Visiting the towering sandstone features of Monument Valley is a breathtaking sight that everyone should experience. At Monument Valley Safari, we take you deep inside the landscape to show you the best features of the “Land of Dreams”.

Here are some of the top benefits of booking a tour with Monument Valley Safari:

Customizable Trips

We understand that each group is unique. Whether you are looking for a private tour, family-friendly tour, or photographic tour, Monument Valley Safari is dedicated to making your trip memorable.

We offer a variety of trips for you to choose from – each with different lengths, history, and style. Our scenic and cultural trips include Monument Valley, Mystery Valley, and combination safaris (for when you can’t decide between the two!). Our photographic trips include sunrise and sunset tours, astro photography, and Hunts Mesa.

Experienced Guides

Our company is Navajo owned, and because of this, our guide’s knowledge and experience of this unique landscape is unmatched. We are proud to tell you about the history, culture, and true beauty of Monument Valley and Navajo culture.

Off-road Adventure

As if seeing and learning about Monument Valley wasn’t enough, the off-road ride is pretty fun too. Not only will you feel the excitement of rolling up and down the beautiful red rock, you will also see amazing areas of the park that are difficult to access otherwise.

Unmatched Scenery

Monument Valley is full of breathtaking scenery that you won’t find anywhere else. There truly is no better way to experience the wonders of Monument Valley than to be inside the park while learning about the land and culture.

We offer sunset and sunrise trips and make sure you have plenty of time to stop, explore, and photograph the landscape. If you are looking for an authentic way to experience Monument Valley, Monument Valley Safaris guides and tours will not disappoint. To start planning your trip and learn more about how our tours stand out, call us today.

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