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3-Hour Mystery Valley Tour

Quick Details

Adult 18+
Youth 8-17
Child 0-7

Visit the Mystery Valley’s Secluded Arches

If you’re looking for a unique visit to the Monument Valley, you might want to explore this lesser-known section, home to labyrinth canyons, sandstone arches, and ancient ruins.

Featuring majestic geological formations and ancient artifacts, Mystery Valley offers breathtaking views of wide open spaces. All of Mystery Valley is only accessible with a Navajo guide who is eager to share an insider perspective of this iconic area and teach you about Navajo culture and tradition.

Mystery Valley is characterized by labyrinth-like side box canyons concealing an abundance of Anasazi petroglyphs and pictographs, just waiting to be explored. There are many opportunities for short yet rewarding hikes. See the characteristic build and imprints that the ancient cliff dwellers left behind.

Visit the Anasazi ruins, indicative of a people who roamed these grounds in ancient times. See the signs and hear the echoes of the life they left behind. We also visit many breathtaking arches, like the Honeymoon Arch, Skull Arch, Half Moon Arch, and more. Traveling around the Mystery Valley, with its red rock formations, often reminds people of a Martian landscape.

Take in the magnificent views of Baby House Ruins, Square House Ruins, Long House Ruins, and other geographical remnants of ancient cultures. Every corner of the Mystery Valley harbors secrets waiting to be uncovered.

Experience a true sense of solitude in this lesser-known part of Monument Valley. Book your Mystery Valley tour online today.