Monument Valley Sunset Tour

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Adult 18+
Youth 17 and younger

Tour the Monument Valley at Sunset

Visit Monument Valley during the golden hour, when the sun is setting behind the massive stone monuments and the whole valley is lit up with pastel hues across the sky. Enjoy a three-hour tour with a local expert Navajo guide who knows all the ins and outs of Navajo culture and tradition and is eager to give you an insider perspective on the area.

Our Monument Valley guided tours bring you to restricted parts of the valley only accessible with an expert guide. You can expect to see all the impressive monuments you’ve seen in photos, like iconic monoliths, sandstone arches, ancient ruins, and the big ones like the Three Sisters, whose sharp spires point into the sky, and the Mitten Buttes, which look like two giant mittens with their thumbs pointing inward.

We also cruise past the Totem Pole spire, and the YeBiChei spires, arranged pleasantly in a crescent shape. Enjoy a visit to a traditional Navajo home as well as a Navajo rug weaving demonstration, which will surely leave you in awe of this incredible culture. Your guide also shares with you a ceremonial song or plays a tune on the Native American flute.

Your tour includes views of Big Hogan Arch, Ear of the Wind Arch, Sun’s Eye Arch, the Anasazi Petroglyphs, and other incredible geographical features, many of which were filmed in some of John Wayne’s famous old western movies.

Come enjoy the majesty of the Monument Valley as the sun sets before your eyes. Book your tour online today!