Monument Valley & Mystery Valley Tour

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Adult 18+
Youth 17 and younger

See All of Monument Valley in One Day

Are you a true adventurer who wants to see everything Monument Valley has to offer? Are you having trouble deciding between a tour of Monument Valley or Mystery Valley? Why not do both?! This is a combination of our most popular tours to allow you to experience the grand magnificence of each separate valley.

Start your Monument Valley safari in the morning by exploring Lower Monument Valley, visiting some of the incredible monuments that were featured in the John Wayne western movies, like the Three Sisters spires, the Totem Pole spire, the Mitten Buttes, the YeiBiChei spires, and the rugged ancient ruins, sandstone arches, and massive monoliths that abound.

Then finish your tour that afternoon with a visit to Mystery Valley, the lesser-known corner of Monument Valley, known for canyons and arches that conceal a large number of Anasazi petroglyphs and pictographs, indicative of the mysterious ancient culture that once dwelled there.

Visit the hogan of Susie Yazzie, one of Monument Valley’s elderly residents, as she presents a customary Navajo rug weaving demonstration. Discover with your Sr. Guide the beauty of Navajo cultural, tradition, history, and lore.

Our six-hour combo safari is recommended for individuals interested in comprehensive and complete enlightenment on the Navajo people and their land.

For a longer break in between tours enjoy lunch at The View restaurant or enjoy a nice hike on the WildCat Trail.

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