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6 Hour Mystery Valley & Monument Valley Tour

Quick Details

Adult Ages 18+
Youth Ages 17 and under
Child Ages 0 - 7

6-Hour Mystery Valley & Monument Valley Tour

This tour covers both Mystery Valley (3 hours) and Monument Valley (3 hours) with a short break between the two tours.

Mystery Valley: Mystery Valley contains an abundance of ancient dwellings and petroglyphs (rock art). With your Navajo guide, you are able to explore these ancient sites, learning about the history and lore of the Anasazi. Many of these sites are housed in giant sandstone arches tucked away in labyrinth-like red rock canyons.

Monument Valley: Explore iconic locations in Monument Valley, from vantage points used in John Wayne western movies to areas only accessible with a Navajo guide; from majestic arches to towering sandstone spires. Explore restricted parts of the valley, including Ear of the Wind Arch and the Big Hogan. Also, you will see the iconic Three Sisters Spires, The Totem Pole Spire, The East & West Mitten Buttes and The YeiBiChei Spires. Learn about the history and culture of the valley from your local Navajo guide. Relax while your guide plays the Native American flute or sings a ceremonial song in the Big Hogan, one of Monument Valley’s largest arches.

Option #1 – Mystery Valley at 9:00am and Monument Valley at 1:00pm.
Option #2 – Mystery Valley at 9:00am and Monument Valley at sunset (which varies depending on the time of year).

Pick Up Location

The View Hotel
Indian Route 42,
Oljato-Monument Valley,
Arizona 84536

Please meet your guide in the lobby of the View Hotel next to the bronze statue of a cowboy riding a horse.


On the Navajo Reservation we observe Daylight Savings. Please remember and account for a one hour time difference when traveling from certain parts of Arizona.