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Mystery Valley Tours

Tour truck in mystery valley

Guide hanging out with monument valley safari

Sunset in mystery valley

Group examining anasazi ruins

Climbing down a mesa in mystery valley

Ancient Ruins in Mystery Valley

Ancient foot print and held prints carved into rock

Suburban driving in mystery valley

tour group in mystery valley

skull arch in mystery valley


3.0 Hour Scenic & Cultural Excursion (27miles) 

A relatively unknown destination, Mystery Valley is characterized by labyrinth like side box canyons concealing an abundance of Anasazi ruins, petroglyphs and pictographs. This excursion traverses a 29 mile route visiting much of the valley’s secluded natural arches. Skull Arch, Honey Moon Arch, Square House Ruins, Baby House Ruins, Lone Pine Arch,and House of Many Hands Ruins just to name a few. There are many opportunities for short yet rewarding hikes. See up close the characteristic build and imprints that have been left behind from the ancient cliff dwellers.

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Departure Times


Winter Season
December, January, & February
Daily Departure Time
12pm 1pm (3pm Sunset departure)
Spring Season
March, April, & May
Daily Departure Time
12pm 1pm 3pm (5pm Sunset departure)
Summer Season
June, July, & August
Daily Departure Time
12pm 1pm 3pm (5pm Sunset departure)
Fall/Autumn Season
September, October, & November
Daily Departure Time
12pm 1pm (3pm Sunset departure)


Safari Rates

Scenic & Cultural Safari

3.0 Hour...... $85 per adult & ($57 per youth 17 & younger)
4.0 Hour.... $115 per adult & ($77 per youth 17 & younger)


Note...2 person minimum on all tours. Children ages 5 and younger are free.

Mystery Valley safaris are recommended in the afternoon and evening hours because of the valleys location and direction in which many of
the valleys ruins face for optimum lighting conditions. Where Lower
Monument Valley is great to visit in the morning and evening,
Mystery Valley is time specific due to the safaris route which will be taken.

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