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Full Moon


Approximately three hundred thousand people visit Monument Valley every year to sightsee the natural sandstone monuments in their most desirable lighting conditions. Not many people, however, know that just as the sunrise and sunset is prime time for capturing incredibly beautiful and vibrant vistas, so to is the night just as captivating. Throughout one calendar year there are several choice times in which to capture Monument Valley in the dark - these are nights with above average transparency from ground to space. For optimum starlight and moonlight conditions many factors have to be taken into account when visiting the valley from wind to humidity, cloud coverage and the degree of darkness. If you are interested in sightseeing Monument Valley under the night sky please give us a call or shoot us an email and we can advise to you the best time and place for the date you wish.


Full Moon Excursion

3.0 Hour...... $100 per adult & ($75 per youth 17 & younger)
This tour is taken on availability, departure depending on the month.
Note...2 person minimum on all tours. Our full moon excursions take place on specific dates and have specific departure times. Below is a chartwhich displays the full moon(s) Phases A popular choice is to take a Sunset and Full Moon Safari. Call or email to schedule the best times to take this Safari.

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