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Combination Safaris



Lower Monument Valley & Mystery Valley 6.0 Hours


Rated as the second best tour of 2011 & 2012, Our second most popular tour is what we like to call our half day Combination Safari, consisting of 3.0 Hrs Lower Monument Valley and 3.0 Hrs Mystery Valley. On these excursion, visitors will be introduced to the grand magnificence of each separate valley. Spend the day exploring the areas most exquisite natural arches, petroglyphs and Anasazi ruins. Visiting the hogan of Susie Yazzie, one of Monument Valley’s elderly as she presents a customary rug weaving demonstration. Discover with your Sr. Guide the beauty of Navajo cultural, tradition, history and lore. Our 6.0 Hour Combo Safari is company recommended for individuals interested in a comprehensive and complete enlightenment of the Navajo people and their land. (Our second most popular excursion of any season, This tour is highly recommended beginning with a morning sunrise into Lower Monument Valley, and concluding as an evening sunset into the canyons of Mystery Valley) Morning Departure Time for Lower Monument Valley.. begin the first half starting @ Sunrise 6:15am or 7am or 9am Second half @ 12pm or 2pm

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Tear Drop Arch & Mystery Valley 6.0 Hours


On this safari explore both Tear Drop Arch and Mystery Valley. While you set the pace for our safaris its recommended that approximately 2 hour be spent in the canyon of Tear Drop Arch while the remanding 4 hours be spent inside Mystery Valley for an afternoon or sunset excursion. The hike to Tear Drop Arch is light and the view is spectacular. Along the way you will have the opportunity to see several ancient Anasazi ruins that are very well preserved. If you are more adventurous there is another hiking trail leading to the top of Tear Drop Mesa. This one is more rigorous yet rewarding. Getting to the top requires climbing ancient hand and foot holes carved into the mesa’s side by the Anasazi people. From the top look out onto the valley and see where navajo cultures, traditions and life have carried on for centuries. (This safari combination is recommend in the afternoon or sunset hours due to the position of the monuments and lighting conditions which are most desirable in the late afternoon or evening lighting) Call on availability

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Excursion Rates

Half Day Combination Safari
6.0 ........ $160 per adult & $107 per youth (17 & younger)

2 person minimum on all tours. Children ages 5 and younger are free. 

Additional Recommendations

While you set the pace of your tour, we advise a break between visiting the two separate places on your safari adventure. Near by there are several local eateries try the famous Navajo Taco @ Shaye’s Cafe located at the Navajo Market and attractions if you do need a break between safari. We can drop you off at your vehicle or we can take you right to the restaurant - which ever is most convenient and the pick you right up to continue on your safari.

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Indian Route 42 East Monument Valley, Utah 84536

The Navajo Market Concessions


US HWY 163 & Tribal Park Road (South East Corner),
Monument Valley, Utah 84536

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